All about cats

What happens if you stare a cat in the eyes

The cat will stare back, and then it will stare at you.

Why do cats jump up on the tables?

To remind you that they can.

Why do cats purr?

They don’t, it’s a speaker.

Why do cats like to sleep with their heads on the stove?

They’re looking for the off switch.

Why do cats have nine lives?

Because they always land on their feet.

Why do cats always land on their feet?

Because they can’t jump.

Why don’t dogs like going to the vet?

Because they’re afraid of the needle.

Why do cats have black tongues?

Because they can’t lick their fur.

Why do dogs always land on their feet?

Because they don’t want to get up.

Why do dogs like going to the vet?

Because they get a treat.

Why do dogs have four legs?

Because they can’t stand up.

Why do dogs have fur?

To keep them warm.

To keep them from wanting a million more.

Why don’t dogs like to go to the vet?

They’re afraid of the shot.

Because they can’t have ten.

Why do dogs not wear shoes?

Because they’re not allowed in the house.

Why do dogs like to eat dirt?

They like to cover their food.

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