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How to tell what breed of cat you have

It’s very difficult to find out, but there are a few ways to determine the breed of your cat.

First, ask the owner of the cat. Check the color of the eyes by looking at the pupils and the fur around them.

Second, you can find out the origin of the cat by looking at the pattern of the fur, since the cats of different countries have different fur patterns.

Third, you can check the color of the tip of the tail, which is usually the same color as the fur on the body.

How to tell if a cat is a boy or a girl?

This is the most difficult and most complicated question. If the cat is a boy, he will have a small testicle in his scrotum.

If a cat is a girl, the testicle will be removed.

How to tell whether a cat is male or female?

The easiest way to tell whether the cat is male or female is to look at the color of the skin on the testicles. If you see a small pink spot, it is a male cat. If you don’t see any pink spot, then it is a female cat.

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