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How to tell what kind of breed my cat is

QUESTION: How do you tell what kind of breed my cat is?

ANSWER: Cats are all over the cat fancy and everyone has their own opinion as to what a real cat is. A true cat fancier is willing and able to tell you what the cat is. I have been a cat fancier since I was a teenager. I have noticed that the most common questions I get are along the lines of:

I have a cat. How do I know what kind of cat it is?

ANSWER: First of all, there are a variety of breeds of cats, and each has its own characteristics, but most are basically domestic shorthairs.

Most of the breeds that you will find in the cat fancy are related to the same gene pool.

At one time, many cat fancier clubs had committees that were responsible for classifying breeds. Some clubs still do this, but most clubs now use a somewhat new method of classification. In this system, each breed is assigned a number that indicates its size. This is called the "United States Cat Association's Standard." The initial letter of the standard code indicates what type of cat the cat was. The next letter indicates the type of coat and the last letter indicates the color.

Some of the cat associations that have standard codes are:

American Cat Fanciers Association (ACCA)

American Cat Association (ACA)

American Cat Fanciers Association (ACA)

American Cat Fanciers Assoc.

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