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The big cats are just a symptom: The bigger the cats, the more money in the bank.

That’s what happens when you turn a public trust into a private trust and then give away the power to pick directors, set salaries and manage the bank.

It’s a formula for disaster, a perfect storm of greed and inexperience that can only end in a financial tsunami.

The problem is not the cats in the bank, but the people in charge of them.

The cats are just the canary in the coal mine.

Listen to Gary Doss and Gary Giordano at rockefellersrocks.

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So … aside from dark politics at Disney, The Aristocats (as we know it now) was in development for four years. It features a cast of ‘big names’, with Eva Gabor, Phil Harris, Pat Buttram, George Lindsey, Scatman Crothers, Monica Evans, Carole Shelley and Hermione Baddeley, many of whom were popular stars... Read more

Although most people believe that all cats hate water, this simply isn’t true. There are many cases of cats despising water following the stereotype, but there are, in fact, many cats who love water. So, do American Shorthair cats like water? Read more

does not lead to decreased growth 4:40 Spaying female cats: heat cycles 5:07 Calling - noise issues, urine marking and escape attempts 6:53 Health consequences of Read more

Kennel Cough or infectious tracheobronchitis is a common condition that can affect both dogs and cats. It is highly contagious illness that is caused by a combination of bacterial and viral infections which target the animal’s respiratory system, similar to bronchitis or a chest cold in humans. The condition is known as Kennel Cough because animals that have been exposed to overcrowded and enclosed, under-ventilated areas like boarding kennels and pounds are most susceptible to the disease. Even pets that spend a lot of time exercising in public dog parks have an increased chance of catching it... Read more

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