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What a cat's tail means

What a cat's tail means

When you see a cat's tail wag, it means that the cat is happy or content. This behavior is called a "wag". Cats use their tails to communicate with others or when they are happy, playing.

You can also see this behavior in dogs: you will see them wagging their tails when they are happy.

Why do cats wag?

You can observe that a dog wags its tail when it is happy or excited. Why? Because it is a way to communicate with other dogs that they are happy.

In the same way, a cat wags its tail to communicate with other cats and to show them that he is happy.

You can also observe that a cat, when it is happy, will put its tail up in the air by lifting it, and when it is sad, the cat will let its tail go down.

It is also known that cats who are very happy, especially if they see a toy, will shake their tail to show it.

The cat's tail is also a way for a cat to show that he is excited or happy.

What does a cat's tail mean in other animals?

It is known that dogs, horses and other animals, such as horses, will wag their tails to show that they are happy or excited.

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