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What does it mean when a cat's tail wags

The tail wags when the cat is upset, happy, eager, or curious.

How is a cat's tail different from a dog's tail? A cat's tail is a bit longer than a dog's tail.

What is a kitten's first word? Meow!

What do you do when you want to talk to a cat? Speak in a soft and soothing tone.

What is the most popular animal in the world? The most popular cat.

How do you know when a cat is happy? Cats have whiskers on their nose which wiggle when they are happy.

What is a cat's favorite room? The basement.

Why do cats like to sleep on top of their food? They like to watch what they eat.

How long does it take a cat to eat a mouse? About 30 seconds.

What do cats like to do better than anything else? Play with their toys.

What is a cat's favorite toy? Anything with feathers.

What is a cat's favorite game? Cat and mouse.

What is a cat's favorite food? Cat food.

What is a cat's favorite toy? Feathers.

What are the words a cat says most often? Meow.

What is a cat's favorite drink? Milk.

What does a cat do when a mouse moves? They chase it down.

How are cats different from dogs? Dogs are more social.

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