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What do different tail wags mean for cats

A cat's tail is a very important part of her body and its wag means a lot to her.

The tail can:

Wag when she's happy

Wag when she's scared

Wag when she's excited

Wag when she's warning you that she's about to attack

Wag when she's pleased with her own behavior

Wag when she's about to play with you

Wag when she's about to attack you

How does the tail wag affect other people?

It's hard to say just how the tail wag will affect you.

The tail wag depends on the cat's mood and her relationship with you.

If you're a good ear cat owner it will be easy to tell whether your cat is happy, scared, angry or scared of something.

If you're a bad ear cat owner you won't know what your cat is thinking or feeling - until it's too late!

Cat tail wags mean different things to different cats.

A cat's tail wags can be a sign of:

Pleased with something she finds pleasing

Scared about something she finds frightening

Angry about something she has found annoying

Try to figure out what your cat is thinking by looking at her tail.

Can your cat change its tail wag?

Yes, your cat can change its tail wag. If you don't like your cat's tail wag, you can train it to do something else.

Some cats like to wag their tails when they're playing, some like to wag their tails when they're hunting, some like to wag their tails when they're playing with their toys, and some like to wag their tails when they're about to attack you.

Other cats wag their tails when they're pleased with themselves.

Learn more about how to train your cat's tail.

Cat tail wags are a cat's way of communicating with her owner. Learn more about cat tail wags and how you can change them.

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