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What does it mean when my cat wags her tail

When your cat wags her tail, she’s sending a message about her mood. If she wags her tail, it means she’s excited or happy. She’ll also wag her tail if she’s feeling affection for you. If she’s feeling threatened, she’ll stop wagging her tail and may begin to hiss or even growl.

Why does my cat lick her lips and then rub her face?

When her face begins to feel dry, your cat may begin to lick her lips and then rub her face. This is a sign that she’s ready to get a drink.

Why does my cat like to lick me and then suck my fingers?

Cats often like to lick and suck their owners’ hands. This is a sign of affection and a reaffirmation of the bond between you.

Why does my cat smell my hands and then lick them?

If your cat licks your hands, she may be trying to clean them after you’ve handled her litter box. She’ll also be cleaning her paws and checking for any parasites.

Why does my cat like to lick my face?

Your cat may be using her tongue to clean her face. When she was a kitten, she spent a lot of time licking her mother’s face and may be doing the same now.

Why does my cat run up the stairs?

Cats are often excited by the prospect of climbing stairs. When a cat runs up the stairs, it is an indication that she is feeling playful and wants to play with her family. It’s a good sign if she does this when you’re making lunch.

Why does my cat meow when we go on vacation?

Cats like to play when they are on vacation. If your cat meows when you go on vacation, she’s just looking forward to having some fun.

Why does my cat like to sleep on my chest?

Cats sleep by their mother’s side until they are strong enough to hunt and survive on their own. Your cat may be thinking that she is ready to leave her mother and move out into the world.

Why does my cat rub her face on my pillow?

When your cat rubs her face on your pillow, she’s expressing affection for you.

Why does my cat rub her face on my arm or leg?

When your cat rubs her face on your arm or leg, she’s saying good morning and she’s showing you that she wants a little attention.

Why does my cat rub her face on my leg?

When your cat rubs her face on your leg, she’s probably trying to clean her face.

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