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How to know what gender a cat is

When a cat reaches sexual maturity, it will begin to "strut". This is when the cat will walk around, staring at itself in the mirror, while wagging its tail and rubbing against objects.

Cats can also be identified by their scent. Male cats tend to have a musky odor, while female cats have a more delicate scent.

How do male cats mark territory?

Male cats will spray their scent by urinating in a straight line.

When a male cat is in heat, it will also mark its territory by spraying urine in a circle around a female cat.

How to tell if my cat is a girl or a boy?

There are no specific signs that can be used to tell if your cat is male or female. However, some of the features that are generally associated with males are:

longer fur

a longer tail

a larger head

a more pronounced chin

a larger body size

sexual maturity

how the cat walks and sits

In terms of identifying female cats, the features generally associated with females are:

smaller body size

a more delicate facial structure

smaller ears

a more slender tail

How to tell if my cat is in heat?

The way to tell if your cat is in heat depends on the cat's age, the signs that you are noticing, and the cat's behavior.

How to tell if a cat is in heat:

When a female cat is in heat, she will display some of the following signs:

a swollen vulva

a swollen clitoris

a swollen urine-filled vagina

the cat will urinate frequently

the cat will rub against walls and other objects

the cat's behavior will become more sexual

How to tell a cat is not in heat?

The following are signs that indicate that your cat's receptivity to mating is low:

the cat does not show any of the above symptoms

the cat does not display sexual behavior

How to tell if a cat is pregnant or not?

A pregnant cat will display certain signs. The following are some of the most common signs:

the cat will have an increased appetite

the cat will have dark spots on her belly

the cat will gain weight rapidly

the cat will become very interested in food, water and toys

the cat will become more moody

How to tell if a cat is pregnant?

It is recommended that you wait until your cat is 4 months old before you try to determine if your cat is pregnant.

How much does it cost to have a cat spayed or neutered?

The cost of having a cat spayed or neutered varies depending on the city and the clinic.

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