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What does a broken cat tail look like

A broken cat tail looks like a piece of string or a piece of yarn twisted in a spiral. This is usually caused by a very big cat or a young cat that has not yet learned how to control its tail properly. The cat is so excited it cannot control itself.

How can a cat's tail be broken?

The most common cause of torn or broken cat tails is too much play. The cat may start to play too rough with another cat and may end up pulling the tail of the other cat.

The other most common cause of a broken cat tail is injury. This is usually caused by a cat fight.

A broken cat tail can also be caused by injury to the tail or to the tailbone. The tail can be injured by a large dog or by a dog that is too large for its size.

What are the symptoms of a broken cat tail?

The symptoms of a broken cat tail include quietness, lethargy and lack of appetite.

What is the treatment of a broken cat tail?

The treatment is to put the cat in a quiet place where it can rest.

A broken cat tail usually heals on its own after an period of time. If it is a very small break, it may heal on its own in a matter of a day or two. However, if it is a longer break, it may take a few weeks to heal.

What is the prognosis for a broken cat tail?

The prognosis for a broken cat tail is good. A broken tail can cause no long-term problems.

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