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Yep. It looks like this. I bought in the store a coconut oil (the unscented kind) and ive been putting it on my hair, face, body and scalp. I've been taking a bath every night, and I find that the coconut oil gives me a nice aroma that isnt too over-powering. I think my hair is much more soft and healthy looking. And my skin is no longer dry or irritated. Ive noticed that whenever I use a lot of coconut oil, my skin does get a bit shiny, but not as much as when I use jojoba oil. Some people dont like the smell of coconut oil, but I think its fine. I dont mind it. I just put it under my nose. I just used it on my hair this morning and it smells AMAZING!! Sometimes I put it in my bedding, because I dont like to use a lot of it, and I dont want to make a mess. I think it would be nice to add it to your cat's food. I don't think it would hurt her. I have a Siamese and she is very picky with what she eats, but if I put a few drops of coconut oil in her food, she eats it up without complaining. I think it would also be nice to put a drop or two on a band-aid for your cat or on their paw or something. I love coconut oil, and it smells great. I'm sure that if you used it on your cat's fur and skin, it would smell good, too. :) I'm going to try it next time I bathe my cat, to see how it goes. I'm all for trying new things, and I'm glad that coconut oil is being used as a way to improve human health as well. I'm glad for the people that are trying it, and I hope that it works for them as well.

What does cat poop smell like? Humans, generally dislike the smell of cat poop. But we all can appreciate the smell of the cat's urine and its deposits in the litter box. It is a pleasant smell when it is fresh, but it soon goes stale and the odor can become quite strong. When cats have diarrhea, the smell is not so pleasant. Sometimes, it is so bad that the cat owner can smell and smell the cat's odor from several meters away. The odor of cats' fresh and fresh poop is similar to the odor of fresh cabbage. Cats' urine also has a smell, as well as feces. They have a mild, sweet smell. The smell of cat's urine is not so strong and not so strong, and not so unpleasant. The odor of cat feces is unpleasant and very strong. It mainly depends on the cat's diet and how much the cat is eating. Cats usually eat a lot, and then they eat less, and sometimes they do not eat at all.

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