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What does it mean if you see a black cat

Messages, symbols and folklore say that black cats are bad luck.

The reason for this is that black cats were once believed to be witches in disguise and were hunted down and killed. Because of their bad luck and superstition, it was believed that witches transformed themselves into black cats and cats that were black were witches in disguise.

And, on the other hand, the tradition of witchcraft and magic in the Middle Ages was very strong in Spain. Therefore, at that time, black cats were considered as bad luck.

However, this is not the case in Italy and other countries of the Mediterranean.

In the Middle East, the black cat is considered lucky and the cat is the messenger of the goddess Bast.

In Romania, people like the black cat a lot and they believe that the black cat brings good luck.

In the Middle East, the black cat is considered lucky, while in the Middle Ages, witches and wizards used a black cat as a familiar.

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