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What a mess and the cat next door

In her arms, he looked so small

She sat him in her lap

And rocked him, and sang him to sleep.

When the night came, she sang him to sleep.

When the morning came, she washed his face.

When the day came, she fed him her milk.

She called her own son her own son.

His foster mother who loved him so,

Who sang him to sleep, who rocked him to sleep,

Who washed his face, who fed him her milk.

Who called her own son her own son.

And then one day, the man who owned the house

He came home from work and saw the cat.

And he killed the cat and he skinned it,

And then he threw it into the fire.

And then he came home to his wife.

And he said “I think we might have raised a pig.”

He said “I think we might have raised a pig.

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