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What age are cats full size

Cats are considered full size between 3 to 4 months of age. The first year of life is essential for a cat’s health, especially for their mental and physical development. Cats that are not exposed to proper socialization from a young age can become anti-social, and even aggressive.

How are cats different than dogs?

Cats are naturally more aggressive and direct in their behavior, especially when it comes to their prey and their owners. Cats have a greater sense of smell, and they can hear sounds that dogs can’t. Cats have a stronger survival instinct, and they become stressed when they feel threatened or in an unfamiliar environment.

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All animals, from ants to elephants, make decisions. And nature's critters continuously surprise humans with their thinking abilities. Of course, it's hard to make a definitive ranking since measuring animal intelligence is problematic. Brain size, vocabulary, tool use, and social learning are common metrics of animal Read more

The Garden of Stubborn Cats demonstrates that wildlife will find ways to adapt when humans take away their habitats. It also demonstrates how resilient nature is. Read more

Cats are predators! A tool of comfort and security. “Let’s just hide from our problems”. A hypothesis that is often attached to this behavior of cats is that they are inherently predators, speaking in evolutionary terms, so they like to assume a position that covers them sufficiently from each side in order to ambush their prey. There are some other hypotheses too…. If you’re a cat owner, then you might have noticed that your cat really loves your empty shoe boxes or packaging cartons (depending on the size of the cat). Read more

Tortoiseshell cats are similar to bi-colored cats but they have no white in their coats. Instead, they have a base color and any secondary color that can appear as patches mixed into the base color. The most common tortoiseshell colors are red and black, though many other colors display themselves in tortoiseshell patterns like blue, chocolate, orange, yellow, and cream. Read more

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