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What age can boy cats be neutered

All cats and kittens can be neutered after the age of eight weeks. However, indoor cats should be neutered before they are six months old, as this is the age at which they can be let outdoors.

What are the benefits of neutering/spaying a cat?

Neutering/spaying a cat:

Helps prevent or reduce the amount of unwanted kittens you may have.

The cat develops a strong sex drive, which can result in the male cat mating with the wrong female (not always the best mate for him), so neutered cats are less likely to be aggressive towards dogs or other cats.

Cats that have been neutered have a reduced risk of developing cancer of the reproductive organs compared with those who are intact.

(Information courtesy of the Australian Veterinary Association,

Why do we neuter/spay our cats?

There are several reasons why we neuter/spay our cats:

The cats will live longer, healthier lives.

The cats will be less likely to fight with other cats.

The cats will be less likely to fight with dogs.

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