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What age does a kitten become a cat

A kitten is a cat only when it is fully grown.

Why is "back" the opposite of "front"?

In the animal world, the front of things is the back.

Why are dogs good at playing fetch?

Dogs are very fast.

Why do some dogs bark?

Dogs, like people, sometimes bark because they are excited.

Why do dogs wag their tails when they are happy?

Dogs wag their tails because the muscles in their tails are loose.

Why do dogs move their ears like that?

Dogs move their ears so that the sound from their larynx will not be blocked.

Why do dogs bury bones?

Dogs sometimes bury bones because they think that their bones are in danger of being eaten.

Why do dogs lick their faces?

Dogs lick their faces so that they will not be smelly.

Why do dogs lick their butts?

Dogs lick their butts so that they will not stink.

Why do dogs wag their tails?

Dogs wag their tails because they like the way it feels.

Why do dogs shake their heads?

Dogs shake their heads to show their feelings.

Why do dogs bark?

Dogs bark because they want to say something to other dogs.

Why do dogs have no teeth?

Dogs have no teeth because they like food.

Why do dogs pant?

Dogs pant because they are hot.

Why do cats purr?

Cats purr because they are happy.

Why do cats lick themselves?

Cats lick themselves so that their fur will not be rough.

Cats purr because it feels good.

Why do cats bite?

Cats sometimes bite because they are angry.

Why do cats walk on the back of their hind legs?

Cats walk on the back of their hind legs because they like to smell the air.

Why do cats rub themselves against things?

Cats rub themselves against things because they want to smell them.

Why do cats rub their faces against things?

Cats rub their faces against things because they are trying to smell them.

Why do cats like to sit in the middle of their beds?

Cats like to sit in the middle of their beds because they like the feeling of being in the center.

Why do cats hiss?

Cats hiss because they are angry.

Why do cats show their teeth?

Cats show their teeth because they are trying to show their teeth.

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Weaning (the transition to solid food) should begin at around three to four weeks of age. This can be stressful for the mother if done suddenly or too early, and can also be stressful for the kitten as it starts to eat new foods, explore its surroundings and begins to spend time apart from its mother and itslittermatess. Read more

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You really must find a way to get him neutered. If not, he is going to roam around and get many female cats pregnant and the last thing the world needs is more kittens that will then not be neutered/spayed and then they will make more kittens and so on. Also, if he gets in fights he will be susceptible to getting some fatal cat viral diseases like feline leukemia and feline immunodeficiency virus. Read more

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