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What are the signs of cat giving birth

The signs of cat giving birth are:


Cat’s pelvic bones are clearly visible.

Low-lying abdomen, which is probably the sign of labor.

In the last few weeks of the pregnancy the nipples will disappear and the cat will stop nursing.


Puffy eyes



How to care for your cat during pregnancy?

Caring for your cat during pregnancy is quite easy:

Feed your cat as usual.

Provide your cat with plenty of clean water.

Make sure you have a litter box near your cat.

Keep your cat out of the heat and cold.

How far should you keep your cat from her babies?

The position of the female cat during pregnancy is very important – you should ensure that her belly is always facing down, so that the baby can easily get out of the cat.

In order for the baby to be born, it is necessary to keep the female cat away from her babies for a few hours every day – until she delivers the kittens.

How to stop your cat from giving birth?

In order to prevent your cat from giving birth, you can use the following methods:

Keep your cat away from her kittens.

Protect the kittens with a blanket or a box.

Put the kittens in a small box or in a box with a lid, so that they are unable to see their mother.

Until the kitten is 4-5 weeks of age, you can use a hot water bottle to warm the box and make it steamy. After this, you can use a heating pad, which is also a good way to keep the kittens warm.

Do not make your cat’s life difficult by smothering her.

Keep her in an area where she can get enough light and a comfortable place to sleep.

If your cat is pregnant, do not leave her alone in a dangerous environment, for example, on a balcony.

If your cat is giving birth, do not let her eat a lot of food, as this will make her give birth to a litter of 5 kittens or more.

Make sure your cat is not stressed or suffering from any disease, because if this condition persists, it can be a reason for her to give birth to a number of kittens.

Do not check the state of your cat’s uterus too often, because you risk catching the infection.

If you want your cat to give birth to kittens, you should use the following methods:

Make sure your cat is comfortable, for example, by putting a blanket or a towel on the floor, so that she does not feel uncomfortable.

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