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What is the gestation period for a cat

Calculating the gestation period for a cat is a bit tricky.

All female cats go into a period called estrus which is a period in which the cat is fertile.

The days of the estrus vary with the breed and breed of cat.

For an average cat, it lasts between 7-14 days.

For the very short-haired cats, it lasts longer, between 14-17 days.

Cats have a gestation period of 65 days.

This is the time it takes for the kitten to be born.

So a cat will have one kitten every 6 months.

A cat can have several litters in a year, but she will not have more than three kittens in a litter.

The gestation period of a cat is very long.

The gestation period for a cat is between 70-80 days.

The difference between the gestation period for a cat and the gestation period for a dog is not very big.

The gestation period for a cat is longer than that for a dog.

The gestation period for a cat is longer than the gestation period for a dog.

A cat's gestation period is between 63 and 70 days.

A dog's gestation period is between 63 and 66 days.

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