All about cats

What age to adopt a cat

You can adopt a cat from the age of 8 weeks old.

How much does it cost to adopt?

Adopting a cat costs between £150 - £300.

Where do you adopt a cat from?

You can adopt a cat from any local rescue centre.

When do you adopt a cat?

You can adopt a cat from any local shelter.

How many cats do you have to adopt?

You can adopt one cat or a group of cats.

What are the best places to adopt a cat?

You can adopt a cat from any local animal shelter.

Why do you need to adopt a cat?

Because they are homeless and need your love and attention.

What will you do with the cat once you have adopted it?

You will take it to a local vet, keep it in a safe place and give it a loving home.

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A female cat may go into heat and be impregnated as early as 5-6 months of age. My newest rescues, Sheela and Shirley, age nine months, were both pregnant when they were spayed by the shelter before releasing them to me. This has also caused a jump in adoption fees. I remember the day when a cat was $10-$12 and the adopter had to pay for all Read more

What age cat is your second choice for adoption? --Select-- Kitten, 2 mo to 6 mo Teen/Adult, 6 mo to 2 yr Adult, 2 yr to 8 yr Adult, 8 yr and up. Where will the cat live? Inside, outside or both? What would you do if the cat scratches the furniture? Having a scratching post that is at least 3 ft. high is a great way to allow the cat to stretch and keep the claws Read more

Some cats age a little earlier between 8 and 10, but for sure, anytime after 10, a cat is considered senior. What are the health needs of my senior cat? Senior cats should have lab work once a year because they will not let you know when things are starting to go awry. We're looking for thyroid, glucose, kidney disease, and liver disease. These things will all show up on lab work. We're going to do a good physical exam, looking for things that can be scary, like cancers, and get a good listen to their chest. Cats get asthma, and they get heart disease, and these are things we could pick up by... Read more

Most of the pets in shelters have been in a house before. This means that they are obedient and may even know a few tricks like ‘sit’ or ‘roll’, and these can save you time, and if they were trained well, avoids these dogs from biting and nibbling on your precious household objects. Read more

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