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What age cats start mating

Most cats start mating when they are about four months old. However, if a female cat has been spayed, she will have to wait until her next heat, which is about six months after her first heat. Cats are not able to conceive a litter before their first heat.

What happens during a heat cycle?

The reproductive system of the female cat consists of a sac of eggs and a uterus. When the female cat is sexually excited, the eggs are released from the sac and are reabsorbed into the body. This process is called ovulation. The eggs are then fertilized, and each egg is carried by the female's oviducts to the outside of the body where it is fertilized by the male's sperm. The fertilized egg then remains in the female's uterus, or womb, until it is ready to hatch. As each egg is fertilized, it is called a conceptus. After a heat cycle the female cat will be ready to mate again.

What is a male cat?

A male cat is a boy kitten that has sprouted a penis and testes.

What is a female cat?

A female cat is a girl kitten that has a vulva, or the opening of her vagina.

What is a tomcat?

A tomcat is a male cat that has both a penis and scrotum (testes).

What is a queen?

A queen is a female cat that has been spayed and whose ovaries have been removed (or rendered barren).

What is a stud?

A stud is a male cat that has both a penis and scrotum (testes).

What is a boar?

A boar is a male cat that has a penis but no testicles.

How can I tell if my cat is ready to mate?

A female cat in heat will show obvious signs of being ready to mate. She will display her sexual readiness by rubbing her body against things, such as furniture, walls, or boxes. It is important to watch your cat carefully during a heat cycle.

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