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What age do cats start calming down

"It depends on the cat. Some cats are terrified of everything, and some are not. My cats are young, and they're very sweet and gentle. I believe in handling your cat when it's young, and letting them get used to you and your hands. We don't do that with all the cats."

Is it safe for cats to drink tap water?

"Yes, and in fact, we recommend that. The city of Toronto has a very good water for cats and for dogs. We recommend them and I have a bottle of it in my house for my cats. I never have to worry about that."

Where do you get your tap water?

"I have a filtered system, and I put it in the fridge and the dishwasher. It's really important that the water is really cold, because cats are timid when they drink. They can't move and they can't jump, so they have to drink very slowly.

"I'm also lucky to have a very healthy cat, who eats well and is very active and very happy. She's not going to drink water if she doesn't have to, and she's not going to drink water if it's not cold."

What do you do with a cat that won't drink water?

"Some people say it's because cats don't like the taste of the water, but I've noticed that some cats really don't like the taste of water. I'd like to say that it's because they're not thirsty, but it's more likely that they're just nervous and not thirsty.

"Cats also drink out of puddles, so you can make your own little kitty water fountain. I have some small plastic cups that I use as water bowls."

Do you have to clean the litter box frequently?

"I try to clean it daily, and I do it before I leave for work in the morning. I clean it when the litter is dry, and I scoop it out, then I tip the box upside-down and I spray the bottom to make sure there aren't any bacteria that could be growing.

"You should also change the litter every week so that the smell doesn't linger. Cats are very particular about the smell of their litter, and they don't like it if it smells of other cats. So you should change it every week, but I also try to change it every day, because cats get into the litter box and roll around in it."

How do you clean the litter box?

"I use a big plastic container and I fill it with warm water and I take a small piece of cloth, a very small piece of cloth. I dip it in the water and I wipe the litter box down.

"You can clean the litter box with a small amount of soap, but it's very important to rinse it well.

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