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What age can kittens eat adult cat food

If the kitten is under 4 months old, it should only be fed kitten food. At around four months the kitten should be given a diet of kitten food and then transition to adult cat food when it is a year old and ready for that particular food.

How old can cats and kittens be when they are ready to be fed whole prey?

A cat and kitten should be at least 3 months old and between 12-18 months old before they can be fed whole prey.

Why do cats and kittens eat their own hair?

Cats and kittens are in the same family as humans and have the same instinctual urges as us to groom and cleanse themselves. This instinct is no different with them than it is with us. In the wild, their teeth and gums are covered with fur and they scratch themselves to remove the hair and dirt. In the domestic environment, cats and kittens have this same instinct to groom and clean themselves. Like us, they enjoy the feel of their fur and will often chew on it. If you want your cat or kitten to stop eating their own hair, it is best to stop them from having access to it in the first place.

Why do cats and kittens eat their own fur?

Why do cats and kittens chew on curtains and furniture?

A cat or kitten that is bored and has not been properly stimulated will chew on things in order to relieve their frustration.

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what do cats like to eat? well, obviously, they like to eat cat food. why do you think they even make cat food if its not what cats eat? besides, it is called cat food. what are you, two years old? who doesn't know that? its kind of obvious. Read more

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