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What can i give my cat for arthritis pain

The best thing i can recommend is to try a holistic type of cat food as it is usually healthier for your cat. I would suggest a brand called Wellness and it's really good for cats with arthritis.

Can I give my dog a treat that provides pain relief?

If the treat is a narcotic then it is illegal. If the treat is a pain reliever, then it should be fine. But make sure that the treat is not one of those human over-the-counter drugs or you could really hurt your dog's health.

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Aspirin was the first NSAID, made in 1897 when German chemist Felix Hoffman and the Bayer Company converted salicylic acid into acetylsalicylic acid. However, the key ingredient in aspirin — white willow bark — has been used since ancient times. Read more

Also i just read a post yesterday on a Siberian forum about peoples whos cats do this and have fallen and really hurt themselves. Read more

Cat Arthritis Treatments. Many can find that the standard options out there can be quite helpful for their cats. Your vet will also be able to give you some options for what to expect from each treatment option and help you to select the best arthritis medicine for cats. Read more

If it is determined that your older feline requires a particular medicine, your veterinarian may recommend a blood and urine test to guarantee that these medications will not negatively impact your pet’s health. You can do your part to help your veterinarian by monitoring the activity of your feline and bringing them in for a checkup if the symptoms of arthritis are present. Read more

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