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What age do cats go into heat

A cat can go into heat at any age. In fact, most cats go into heat at around 4 to 5 years of age.

What is a stereotype?

A stereotype is a generalization or idea that dominates people's thinking. It may be a belief, image, or idea that many people share about a particular group of people or thing. Stereotypes are not always true.

Why do some cats go into heat at the same time every year?

There are several theories about this but it appears that there is no proven cause for the timing of heat cycles.

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The American Veterinary Medical Association is providing reimbursement grants for veterinarians volunteering to assist and its Board of Directors unanimously voted to contribute $100,000 to Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. To donate use the code “Disaster Relief.” Mars Petcare has deployed sponsored canine search and rescue teams from National Disaster Search Dog... Read more

The cat behaviorist married Minoo Rahbar on June 29 at Best Friends Animal Society’s sanctuary, which posted a picture of the happy couple on its Facebook page. The couple's dog, Mooshka, served as the ringbearer. Read more

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