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What age do cats lose teeth

Cats, as with all animals, lose their baby teeth at different ages.

The primary teeth (also known as milk or deciduous or baby teeth) are the first set of teeth to erupt. These teeth erupt at between 6 to 10 weeks of age, and do not erupt fully until the age of 12 to 16 weeks. The primary teeth are replaced by the secondary teeth.

The teeth that erupt at the age of one year are called the deciduous or baby teeth, and the teeth that erupt at the age of 16 years are called the permanent teeth.

Why do cats lose their baby teeth?

As with all animals, cats have a great need for good oral health. This is because the teeth are used to break down the food that the cat eats. Without a healthy mouth, the cat will not be able to properly eat and will struggle to maintain a good weight.

What causes cats to lose their baby teeth?

The most common cause of cats losing their baby teeth is the paring of the teeth. This is because cats do not chew their food very well. They do not chew enough for the teeth to wear down, and consequently, the teeth fall out.

Other causes of tooth loss can include:

A cat that is sick or has been treated with antibiotics

A cat that has had a tooth extraction

A cat that has been given too much fluoride to drink (fluoride is used to help prevent cavities, but too much can cause teeth to fall out)

A cat that has been given too much fluoride to drink (fluoride is used to help prevent cavities, but too much can cause teeth to fall out) Overfeeding

A cat that is losing weight

A cat that lives in a cold climate

A cat that lives in a humid environment

A cat that has been neutered

What to do if your cat loses teeth

If your cat loses one or more teeth, you should take this seriously. Your cat needs to eat properly, and a mouth full of missing teeth will not allow your cat to eat enough to get into a healthy weight.

You should have your cat examined by a vet to see if the cat has a medical reason for losing its teeth. If the vet can find a medical reason, they will be able to help you find the best way to help your cat.

If the vet believes the teeth are falling out because the cat is simply not eating enough, you should be able to encourage your cat to eat more. You should encourage your cat to chew on toys, rawhide bones, and other healthy foods. You should not feed your cat any food that is high in sugar or starch, as the teeth will fall out if your cat eats too much of this type of food.

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