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What do cats do when they mate

Most cats 'play the game' - males will enjoy chasing the female around, rubbing against her and licking her lips - and thus improve their chances in the future.

Purring, purring and rubbing the female's ears and chin are all signals to the female that he is a good mate and she should stay with him.

Once the rutting season is over, most cats will go to sleep for up to seven hours a day (including the night) to rest.

Cats can sleep for up to 20 hours a day, sleeping for up to 16 hours during the day and up to six hours during the night.

Cats may also have a three-hour catnap in between these longer sleeping hours.

A cat's sleeping pattern is dictated by the seasons, with kittens sleeping more in winter and adults sleeping more during summer.

Cats also have a tendency to sleep with one eye open and one eye half closed.

Why do cats purr?

A cat's purr is an important part of their healing process, as it causes the body to produce more blood and oxygen.

It's also a way for a cat to relax and recover from their day and a way for them to communicate with other cats and humans.

Cats also purr whenever they are happy or content, and when they are cold or in pain.

How do cats purr?

Purring is an involuntary sound produced by cats, and unlike human speech, it is not controlled by our conscious mind.

Cats will often purr as they are being petted and groomed, but it's also a signal of contentment and pleasure.

A cat's purr can be altered, and is usually lower pitched than their normal purr.

Cats also purr when they are in pain and when they are trying to communicate that they are happy and content.

How do cats communicate?

Cats communicate using a variety of different sounds.


Cats use a meow or miaow sound to communicate with other cats and humans.

The sound is similar to human speech, and is often used as a way to intimidate or to show mood or emotion.


Whispering is a sound that cats use as a form of communication with other cats and humans.

Whispering is a sound that cats make when they want to be left alone or when they want to be fed.

A cat's whisperer is often the same sound that they make when they are 10 months old.


A cat's meow is often used as a form of greeting between cats, and as a way to tell a human that the cat wants attention.

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