All about cats

What do stray cats do when it rains

They all come to my house, but I know their owners will never let them in.

When will the rain stop?

I don't know.

When did the rain start?

- Good morning, - he said and smiled. - Are you ready for work?

I am ready, but you didn't answer my question.

- What question? - he asked.

- It's not raining. - he said, but she could see that it was.

She could see the drops.

She could feel them.

She could hear the rain.

And she could smell it.

- I love it when it rains. - she said, and he smiled.

- I don't. - he said.

He had a black umbrella, but she was not inside.

- Do you want to come? - he asked, and she smiled.

- I never go to the beach. - she said.

- I love it when it rains. - he said.

- It's not raining. - she said.

- I love the rain. - he said.

And he smiled, and the rain stopped.

The rain stopped, and she was inside.

And she said, I love the rain.

And he said, I love you.

And she said, I love you, too.

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