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What age do you declaw cats

I read on the Humane Society website that it is best to wait until cat is at least 7 months of age. Is this true? What about declawing a kitten that is not yet 7 months old? I have already adopted my first cat, a 6 month old cat, so I would like to know if it is okay to declaw her.

The Humane Society of the United States advises against declawing cats until they are at least seven months old. Declawing kittens is never recommended and is never recommended for cats that are 7 months old or older.

What about declawing a kitten?

In general, the Humane Society of the United States does not recommend declawing of cats that are less than 7 months old. It is not recommended for kittens less than 6 months.

Why not declaw kittens before 7 months?

Kittens are very sensitive and developing. Declawing a kitten at a young age can cause pain and suffering for the kitten. Declawing a kitten before 7 months old prevents the kitten from learning to use his/her paws and to become comfortable with them.

What about declawing a cat that is not yet 7 months old?

Declawing a cat that is not yet 7 months old will cause the kitten to be fearful and afraid of people. If this is done before the kitten is 7 months old, the fear will be even worse and the cat may never be able to be a good pet.

How often can I declaw my cat?

Declawing is a surgical procedure. It is recommended to declaw a cat at least once every 6-12 months, depending on the age of the cat and the number of claws being removed.

How and why is declawing done?

Declawing is done by making an incision at the end of each of the cat's front and back toes. The claws are cut off at this point. The cat's paws are then bandaged.

What if I don't want my cat declawed?

It is recommended that cats be declawed prior to adoption or if the cat is being kept outside.

Is declawing painful for the cat?

The majority of declawed cats do not complain about the procedure. The cat is awake during the procedure. A sedative is given to the cat to make them more comfortable. In some cases, anesthetic is used.

Is declawing permanent?

Declawing is a procedure that is done to keep the cat from having to worry about hurting herself or her owners. It is not a procedure that is done to make the cat comfortable or happy. Declawing is done so that the cat does not have to worry about injuring itself or its owner.

How much does declawing cost?

It varies, but is typically $200-500.

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