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What age do cats get declawed

That is a very tough question, and one that is not exactly answered by the ASPCA. Their website states that declawing is a medical procedure performed under anesthesia, and that a pet owner should not obtain this procedure unless it is absolutely necessary. In other words, only if the cat injures himself or herself should it be done.

Where can I learn more about declawing?

If you are interested in learning more about declawing, I recommend visiting these websites:

What does the ASPCA say about declawing?

ASPCA – Declawing

ASPCA – Declawing Question and Answer


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Don't declaw your cat unless you really are at the end of your rope with scratching behavior. When it becomes clear that a choice has to be made between keeping a cat and declawing in order to keep peace in the household, then it is better than abandoning your cat. It causes pain and it involves Read more

Deciding what age to DECLAW YOUR CAT is a very important decision. You will find more usage examples at our website... Read more

Declawing can have psychological and behavioral implications as well. A cat’s front claws are its primary means of defense. Robbed of this, many will become nervous or fearful, spending most of their time hiding from predators both real and imagined. Some will resort to aggressiveness and biting, as this is their only remaining means of defense. Read more

If the pain a cat goes through when she’s declawed isn’t enough, consider that some cities and countries now make it illegal to declaw your cat. Currently, there are 21 countries that ban declawing. This includes England, Germany, France, Brazil, and Australia. In Israel, if you declaw a cat, you can spend up to a year in jail and be fined $20,000. Read more

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