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What about cats am i allergic to

if you are allergic to cats and have ever had any kind of reaction to them, then you are allergic to the proteins that are in cats.

how long do cats live?

cats typically live between 10 and 15 years.

how old does a cat have to be to be spayed or neutered?

when a cat reaches about 6 months old, it should be spayed or neutered.

how young does a cat have to be to be neutered?

when a cat reaches about 6 months old, it should be neutered.

what does neutering a cat do to its behavior?

neutering a cat reduces the tendency for it to roam and get into mischief.

what is the purpose of fixing a cat?

the purpose of fixing a cat is to reduce the number of cats that are put to sleep each year because they have been found wandering and causing problems.

why do cats get fat?

cats are carnivores, they need meat in their diet and they will overeat if they are not fed appropriately.

why do cats scratch?

cats scratch to mark their territory and to sharpen their claws.

why do cats rub their heads on things?

cats rub their heads on things because they enjoy it, it is their way of washing.

why do cats lick their paws?

cats lick their paws because their tongues are covered in a thick layer of fur.

why do cats purr?

cats purr to sooth themselves, it is the same reason that a human would purr.

why do cats sleep so much?

cats spend more than 8 hours a day sleeping, they do not need to sleep so much, they are essentially lazy.

why do cats have bad breath?

cats have bad breath because they have super-sized mouths that hold a lot of teeth.

why do cats hiss?

cats hiss because they are expressing their displeasure or warning someone of their presence.

why do cats lick their fur?

cats lick their fur because they are cleaning themselves, this is also true for humans.

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