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What are cat allergies like

What are cat allergies like?

Cat Allergies: It is the most common pet allergy in the United States.

What are cat allergies? Allergic reactions are usually caused by the immune system, which recognizes an allergen and believes that it is harmful. In order to help protect against these allergens, the body releases certain substances in the body. The allergic reaction is to the substances that are released in response to the allergen. In some people, these substances are released into the blood and travel to the respiratory passages, throat, and lungs. When these substances reach the respiratory system, they cause symptoms such as itching and coughing.

Cat Allergies: Because of their long hair, cats are more likely to be affected than other pets by cat allergies. Cat allergies in cats are different from the allergies that occur in dogs. While dogs can have allergies to food, cats with allergies usually have allergies to other substances.

What are the symptoms of cat allergies?

Cat Allergies: Allergic reactions often cause symptoms. Symptoms can include:

Skin itchiness


Itchy skin rash

Skin rash


Itchy nose

Itchy and red eyes


Trouble breathing



Cat Allergies: Allergic reactions to cat dander can also cause symptoms. Symptoms can include:


Watery eyes


Mouth inflammation

Allergic reactions to cat saliva are also common. Symptoms can include:


Runny nose


Cat Allergies: The symptoms of cat allergies are often confusing because people have different reactions to allergen sensitivities.

Causes of Cat Allergies

Cat Allergies: The cause of cat allergies is not known for certain. It is believed that cats are more likely to have allergies than other pets because of the way they groom.

Cat Allergies: The most common allergy causing substances are cat dander, cat saliva, and cat urine. It is believed that cats with cat allergies may be more likely to develop other allergies, as well.


Cat Allergies: It is believed that cats with cat allergies may be more likely to develop other allergies, as well.

Cat Allergies: Allergens are substances that cause allergic reactions. Some of the most common allergens are:

Cat Allergies: Some of the most common allergens are:

Food Allergens

Cat Allergies: Food allergies are the most common type of pet allergy.

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