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What plants are cats allergic to

Cats are considered to be highly sensitive to and allergic to a variety of plant species. Cats are more sensitive to plants that cause a reaction in dogs.

In general, cats are allergic to plants that contain oils, resins, and steroids. In addition, cats are also allergic to plants that contain alkaloids, such as ragweed, mint and kitty-corner.

There are other plants that are not considered to be toxic for cats, however, if your cat has a reaction to these plants, your veterinarian can prescribe different tests to determine the exact reason why your cat is reacting to these plants.

How do I know if my cat has been exposed to plants?

If you are concerned about your cat’s exposure to plants, we would recommend that you keep your cat indoors and always keep your cat’s environment clean.

For more information about plants and cats visit the ASPCA website.

What things can I do to help my cat?

For cats that have been exposed to plants, you should keep your cat indoors and keep your home environment clean. For cats that have been exposed to certain plants, your veterinarian can prescribe a specific treatment to help your cat’s symptoms.

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