All about cats

What age to cats teeth

The cat teeth will start to fall out once the cat goes six months old.

What is the cat’s digestive system?

The cat’s digestive system is basically based on being carnivorous. The cat has a system similar to an animal like a dog.

What is a cat’s lifespan?

A cat’s lifespan is about 10-15 years.

What is a cat’s saliva?

The cat saliva is basically like that of a dog.

How does a cat purr?

The cat purrs because the muscles will vibrate when it is happy. The cat is basically a lot like a dog.

What is a cat’s hair?

The cat’s hair can be described as soft and velvety.

How do cats eat?

The cat’s eating style is based on being carnivorous. The cat will also eat a lot of different types of small animals, like mice, rats and snakes.

How do cats play?

Cats play a lot like a dog would. The cat will play with a ball, a toy and a string.

What is a cat’s tail?

The cat’s tail is a lot like that of a dog.

What is a cat’s fur?

The cat’s fur is soft and velvety.

How do cats smell?

The cat’s smell is based on being carnivorous.

What is a cat’s eyesight?

A cat’s eyesight is good and it has excellent night vision.

How do cats see?

The cat’s vision is good, just like that of a dog.

How many teeth do cats have?

The cat has 48 teeth.

How many toes do cats have?

A cat has five toes.

How many cats do you know of?

There are about 30 million cats that are owned by people all over the world.

How do cats act?

Cats are very independent and they are very independent of their owners.

Cats will play with a ball, a toy and a string.

How old do cats mature?

A cat will mature once it is three months old.

How old do cats live?

A cat may live anywhere from 10-15 years.

What is the cat’s diet?

Cats eat meat, like mice, rats and snakes.

What is a cat’s favorite toy?

Cats like to play with a ball.

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