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What age is an old cat

You want your cat to be as long-lived as possible. Anything that can be done to ensure that your cat remains healthy and active for as long as possible is a good thing. Keeping your cat social and active is key.

If you are able to take your cat to the vet for a check up and have your cat’s teeth cleaned at least once a year, you will have your cat feeling better. A visit to the vet will also give you the opportunity to have your cat vaccinated, which is important to keep your cat from getting sick.

And, if you have a cat that is able to get around, play with you and your family, and get into no trouble, then you will be able to keep your cat as happy as possible.

How much does a cat cost?

The cost of a cat varies greatly, depending on where you live, the kind of cat you have, the breed, and other factors.

But, the fact of the matter is that a cat is a pet that needs to be taken care of and cleaned, and will want to be fed. Pet food is reasonably priced, but you will want to feed your cat a diet that is balanced, that is, one that has protein, fat, and carbohydrates in it.

If you want your cat to be healthy, and to have its teeth cleaned, then you will need to buy special cat food. The prices of cat food can be a little high, but if you want your cat to be healthy and live a long life, then it is well worth the expense.

How much does a cat cost to feed?

The cost of a cat to feed varies greatly. For the average cat, the cost of a cat to feed is about $4.00 a month for a dry food diet.

If you add to this the cost of a dry food, the cost of a special cat food for your cat, the cost of a vet checkup, and the cost of toys, a kitty litter box, and a scratching post, then you can see that the cost of a cat can be a little high.

But, even though it may cost a little bit more than a dog or a small dog, you will be able to keep your cat happy and healthy, and you will be able to keep your cat as long-lived as possible.

How much do kittens cost?

The cost of kittens varies greatly. It depends on the breed of kitten, the breeder, and the size of the kitten and the kitten’s parents.

But, the average kitten costs about $200 to $300.00, and the cost of a kitten is usually higher if you want a kitten that is going to be show quality.

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