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What age is my cat

Most cats are mature at around 4-5 years of age.

How much do cats cost?

Kittens and adult cats start from around $150 for kittens, $400 for adult cats.

What is the adoption fee for kittens and adult cats?

Adoption fees are from $150 to $400.

How can I find a cat?

If you are looking for a cat, it is best to contact a local shelter and ask to see the cats available for adoption. You can also try contacting the local cat rescue groups.

How can I get a cat?

You can adopt a cat from a rescue group or from a local shelter.

What are the cat care requirements?

Cats are pretty easy to care for. They get along well with other animals, including other cats. They also get along well with people, as long as they are around cats their own age.

How long do cats live?

Cats usually live between 10 and 14 years.

How much do cats weight?

Cats usually weigh between 4-5kg.

What is the cost of food for my cat?

Cats usually eat dry food, but wet food is also available.

What is the cost of vet care for my cat?

Cats usually cost $15 to $40 per visit, depending on the age and health of the cat.

What is the cost of cat litter?

Cats usually use a litter box.

What is the cost for cat toys?

Cats usually like to play with toys, but if you are looking for a toy, you can buy many different types of toys for your cats in pet stores.

How much do cats cost to feed?

Cats usually eat dry food only, but wet food is available.

How much do cats cost to train?

Cats usually need training to get used to the idea of people and other cats.

How much do cats cost to spay/neuter?

Spaying and neutering usually costs between $50-100.

How much do cats cost to vaccinate?

Vaccinations cost between $10-30.

Where do I get a cat?

You can adopt a cat from a local shelter or rescue group. You can also ask at your local vet, or contact the local vet college to find out how to get a cat from the vets.

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Pinworms are an intestinal parasite. These threadlike worms lay their eggs in the anal area, which can cause itching. Itching is usually the primary and sometimes the only symptoms of a pinworm infection. While pinworms are contagious, you cannot get a pinworm infection from your dog or cat, as pinworms only affect humans. To eliminate pinworms a combination of internal remedies and strict attention to hygiene will generally clear up an infection quite quickly and effectively. Pinworm Itch Relief. Read more

Grain-free diets do not contain high glycemic ingredients: cereals and their processed products (flour). The lack of fast-digesting carbohydrates reduces the risk of obesity and diabetes. Grain-free formulas are high in protein - when protein is deficient, the cat's body uses body muscles and tissues from other organs. Read more

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