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What age can male cats get neutered

Your cat can be neutered at any age.

What type of anesthesia will I need when my cat is neutered?

In general, local anesthesia is used. The cat will be placed in a comfortable reclining position, and the area to be operated on will be shaved and cleaned. The cat will then be given a mild sedative and will be asleep for the procedure.

How can I minimize the pain my cat will feel?

If your cat is nervous about the procedure, you can try the following to make him or her more comfortable:

Remove him or her from the carrier so he or she can see and hear you,

Cover the cat with a warm blanket,

Give him or her a small treat and a soft toy to chew on,

Hold your cat and talk to him or her,

Put a small amount of a calming anti-anxiety medication on the anesthetic site,

Put a small amount of a calming anti-anxiety medication around the site prior to the procedure.

Why should my cat go to the vet to be neutered?

Like humans, male and female cats should be neutered to prevent unwanted litters, to prevent undesirable behavioral problems, and to decrease the chance of the cat developing certain types of cancers.

Vaccinating a Pet

My pet’s shots are up to date. Why should I still get him or her vaccinated?

Because the vaccines used in veterinary medicine are different than those used in human medicine, your pet may not be protected as much as you expect.

The vaccines used in veterinary medicine are aimed at specific diseases, whereas the vaccines used in human medicine have side effects, such as headaches and fever.

My pet is healthy and does not need any vaccines. Why should I still get him or her vaccinated?

My pet is vaccinated for a specific disease. Why should I still get him or her vaccinated against other diseases?

Vaccines are designed to provide protection against diseases that can be serious and even deadly. The vaccines used in veterinary medicine are not developed to provide complete protection against diseases that can be life threatening.

My pet gets a disease that is not covered by his or her vaccinations. What can I do?

Your pet can still be vaccinated against these diseases. Some vaccines are made to last for a long time, so your pet will require fewer booster shots.

I want to prevent my pet from getting sick.

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