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What age can you get a male cat neutered

Puppies can be neutered at eight weeks old; dogs at six months, and cats at eight months.

Is it important for a cat to be neutered?

Doesn't matter if you have one cat or 50, neutering will improve your cat's quality of life. It's also recommended for the health of the cat.

What should I do if I've accidentally caught my cat in the act of mating?

Cats cannot help their instinctive urges, and will continue mating even if they are caught in the act. This behaviour can be frightening to a new cat owner, but it won't harm the cat.

Can I have my cat spayed or neutered at a veterinary clinic?

Yes. Neutering is usually performed on cats in a veterinary clinic under general anaesthetic. More information about neutering your cat can be found here:

How long does neutering take?

There's no set time, but most cats will be neutered in under an hour. Some cats are very sleepy, and this can take longer. It is best to get this procedure done as soon as possible, when the cat is healthy and still playful.

Will my cat be able to get pregnant after being neutered?

Yes, if your cat is neutered at a young age, it will not be able to reproduce. If your cat is older, it can still be fertile, but this won't cause any problems in most cases.

If my cat is still a stray, will it still be able to get pregnant?

Yes. Even though your cat is a stray, it will still be able to get pregnant. Neutering will not affect your cat's fertility.

If I have more than one cat, will all of them be neutered?

Yes, all of your cats will be neutered. This can be expensive, but it's better for your cats to be neutered early.

What is the cost of having my cat spayed or neutered?

There is no cost to you for having your cat neutered, but you may have to pay for your vet's time. The cost depends on the hospital where you have your cat spayed or neutered.

Why should I have my cat neutered?

Good question. Many vets will advise you to have your cat neutered if you are intending to breed them. Why? Well, neutering is the only way to really stop your cat from breeding. If you don't want to breed your cat, neutering him or her will prevent it from doing so.

If my cat has been neutered, and I still want to breed, is there a way to get back my cat's reproductive abilities?


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