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What age can you get male cats neutered

The average age for neutering male cats is between 6 months and a year.

What is the difference between a male cat and female cat?

Male cats are a little rougher, like dogs, and female cats are a lot softer, like cats. Male cats are more aggressive and will fight with other males. Female cats will be more affectionate and will want to be petted.

Does a male cat need to be neutered?

Yes, male cats need to be neutered.

Can a male cat be neutered after he has had a litter of kittens?

Yes, males can be neutered when they are young, but they need to be neutered before they start producing kittens.

How often can a male be neutered?

The neutering schedule for cats is every 6 months.

What kind of pain does a male cat go through when neutered?

The most common procedure for neutering male cats is a local anesthetic injection in the scrotum.

How do I know if my male cat needs to be neutered?

If your cat is getting into fights with other male cats, or if he has a lot of attitude, then he needs to be neutered.

How do I ask my vet about neutering my male cat?

Ask your vet when you can have your neutered male cat neutered. At your next appointment, ask if your cat can be neutered. Don’t schedule it for the next visit, tell your vet you want to discuss it and schedule it.

What if my male cat has a lot of energy?

If your cat has a lot of energy and a lot of attitude and is getting into fights, or if you have a lot of other male cats around your house, then your cat needs to be neutered.

What if my male cat is neutered and then has a litter of kittens?

The male cat will not be able to father kittens after he has been neutered. He will still be able to father kittens when he is neutered again.

What is the pain from neutering a male cat like?

The anesthetic will make your cat very sleepy. Cats like to be held and cuddled, so the procedure will be a little easier.

What does it cost to have my male cat neutered?

A neutering is about $50, but the anesthetic will be about $20.

What do I do if my male cat has a hard time getting neutered?

If your cat is having a hard time getting neutered, then he needs to be sedated. The anesthetic will make him very sleepy.

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