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What age to get a male cat neutered

A male cat neutered at five months of age will not develop into a male cat at maturity.

How many males are born?

A female cat may produce two to six kittens in one litter and a male cat may produce one to four kittens in one litter.

What is a litter?

A litter is a group of kittens born at the same time.

How many kittens should I expect?

The number of kittens depends on the size of the mother cat and her age. It is also affected by environmental conditions such as the age of the mother and the season. The average number of kittens per litter is between two and six.

Where can I take my kitten for treatment?

We recommend you contact your veterinarian for advice and support for your kitten.

How do I care for the mother cat when she has her kittens?

The mother cat should be kept indoors until the kittens are weaned. She should be fed a good quality, high quality commercial kitten food.

I have a male cat that I want to neuter. Can I use the same vet as my female cat?

The vet may not want to perform the procedure on a male cat. If your male cat is not a stray you should ask your local vet.

My kitten has been neutered. What should I do now?

The neutering procedure will sterilize your kitten. You should not have to continue to take your kitten to the vet for neutering.

X-rays are not required for neutering of the male cat.

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