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What age to neuter female cat

Dr. Baker:

This is a very controversial question. In the wild, cats are social predators, not solitary hunters. This means that in the wild, cat mothers will have to hunt with their kittens to feed them. This makes a kitten's survival in the wild highly dependent upon its ability to hunt and catch prey. A kitten that is not physically able to hunt may not survive because the mother won't be able to provide enough food for the litter.

The problem is that there are no perfect studies that demonstrate the effect of neuter on the hunting behavior of cats. I would guess that for most breeds of domestic cat, neutering should not interfere with the hunting behavior of the cat. Neutering does not change the cat's sex, though it does remove the hormones that influence hunting behavior.

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If your male cat has been neutered in the last month or so, and is still humping, it’s not something to worry about too much. It takes up to 12 weeks for the hormones in his body to dissipate, meaning it’s completely normal to see humping behavior the first few weeks after the neutering operation. Read more

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Do male cats spray after being neutered? There are many reasons why cats spray; sometimes because of hormones, but more commonly due to stress. If your cat has suddenly started spraying, speak to your vet to discuss whether neutering might help. Find out more in our article about urine problems in cats. Read more

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