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What age should a cat be declawed

The ASPCA recommends that a kitten (under 12 weeks of age) should not be declawed. The ASPCA recommends that a cat not be declawed before the age of 6 months. Declawed cats can be declawed after the age of 6 months and up to one year of age.

What happens to the cats paws?

After declawing, a cat will have one claw that is longer than the other. The declawed paw will never grow back. The desexing surgery and recovery is the same for both male and female cats.

What happens to the cat if the paw is not declawed?

If a cat is not declawed, the cat may suffer from painful injuries to the toe. The cat will be unable to walk, and could also develop arthritis. Cats that are not declawed may also attempt to protect their feet, which can lead to self injury. Although all of these things are painful and unpleasant, they are not life threatening.

Can I declaw a cat if I live in an apartment?

Yes, most apartment buildings will allow declawing. Many cat owners are concerned that they will be evicted if they declaw their cat, but this is not the case. Generally, an apartment will allow one cat per apartment. Apartment dwellers must be able to live with the cat in the apartment.

How much will it cost to declaw a cat?

The cost of declawing a cat depends on the breed, location of the vet, and the equipment being used. Most vets charge between $60 to $100. Declawing is a safe and painless procedure.

What is the difference between declawing and neutering?

Neutering a cat involves surgically removing the testicles, and can be done at any age. Declawing is a surgery that involves amputating the last joint of each toe on one or both front feet. Declawing is normally done at the age of 6 months or older. Declawing is done to prevent the cat from injuring itself with its foot.

How does declawing affect my cat's personality?

Declawing does not change the personality of a cat. It is more common for cats to be fearful of people after declawing, but this is not the case. Declawing does not change a cat's personality, and many cats become more affectionate after the surgery.

How will declawing affect my cat's ability to hunt?

Declawing does not affect the cat's ability to hunt. It only prevents the cat from injuring itself with its foot.

What is the difference between declawing and catnip?

Catnip can be used to reduce or eliminate the fear caused by declawing.

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