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What to expect after your cat has been neutered

After your cat has been neutered, he or she will stop spraying and may exhibit less anxious behavior.

Neutered cats will have no further pregnancies.

Neutered cats will have a reduced tendency to mark their territory with urine or feces.

Neutered cats will not have to fight for their territory.

Neutered cats will have a reduced tendency to wander.

Neutered cats will have a reduced tendency to bite.

Neutering will not change the personality of a cat. Neutered cats are just as happy and affectionate as unneutered cats.

Cats that are allowed to roam freely will be more likely to be victims of road accidents and car/dog attacks.

Cats that are allowed to roam freely are more likely to be victims of road accidents and car/dog attacks.

Most cats will require some pain relief after their surgery. They will be given an injection of local anaesthetic to numb the area before the procedure takes place.

The neutering procedure involves the following steps:

The animal is sedated for a short period of time and then anaesthetised.

The scrotum is cut off and the remaining testicles are removed.

A small incision is made in the skin to remove the testicles.

The incision is closed with stitches and the skin is stitched up.

The cat's body is washed and the incision site is covered with gauze.

The cat is allowed to recover from the anaesthetic, usually in the recovery area in the vet's surgery.

Your cat will be able to move around freely.

You may need to bring your cat to see the vet at regular intervals to check on his or her recovery.

Your cat's incision site will begin to heal within a few days, and will close up over the next few weeks.

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