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What age to get female cat fixed

I have a female cat, who is about 3 years old. She is starting to have problems with her reproductive system. Is it too late to have her spayed when she reaches 3 years old?

Spaying a female cat is a very simple procedure that takes about 15 minutes, and should be done at least once a year.

How to tell if a female cat is pregnant?

My cat is 4 years old and she's been missing periods for the past 2 years and I've been wondering if she's pregnant. She's been eating and drinking like normal.

It is normal for a female cat to be un-pregnant for at least a few months after her heat cycle.

I had to have my 6 yr old female cat spayed. She was pregnant and had to be put to sleep.

My cat was fixed at 3 years old, and my vet said she's probably 4 years old now. She's not in heat and I know she's been eating and drinking fine, but I don't know if she's pregnant. I can't find her litter box.

You should have your female cat spayed at the age of three. If you have been giving her a litter box, she will not be pregnant.

My cat had her first heat at the age of four, and this is her second. I don't see any wetness on her or her toys. She's eating and drinking, but I just don't know if she's pregnant or not.

If your cat is not having her heat cycle, then she is not pregnant.

Why are my cat's eyes bright green?

My cat is a 9 year old black female. She is not spayed and I'm pretty sure she's pregnant. She has bright green eyes.

The color of your cat's eyes is not unusual. Cats have either blue or green eyes.

I have an 8 year old female cat that has had three litters. She is not spayed, does not have a litter box, and is not eating. She is not sick and is still energetic. What should I do?

Many female cats are not spayed, and you shouldn't try to decide if she is pregnant based on the number of times she has had a litter.

It is normal for cats to get pregnant again as they get older. Female cats generally have their first litter at the age of four.

If your cat is not sick, then there is nothing that you can do to help her.

I have a female cat who is pregnant. I took her to the vet and they spayed her and she is no longer pregnant.

I had to put my 16 year old female cat to sleep last week. She was still eating and drinking and going in the litter box when I went to check on her today.

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