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What age can female cats get spayed

Female cats can be spayed at any age that is safe for them.

Will the female cat’s hormones change after being spayed?

No. The surgery will be done in a way that will not affect the hormones.

What are the risks of spaying a female cat?

The risks are very low for spaying. The risks include:

anaesthetic/surgery site discomfort

re-absorption of uterus




Body temperature may drop. This is normal and will return to normal when the surgery is over.

How long will the female cat be out of action after it is spayed?

Female cats may be out of action for 24 hours but only for a short time.

How will I know if the female cat has been spayed?

The hernia will be gone.

What will happen if I do not spay the female cat?

If you do not spay your female cat she will be in danger of developing an unwanted pregnancy which is a painful and dangerous procedure for the cat. The cat will become very unwell and may die.

Does the female cat need to be wormed?

No, the female cat does not need to be wormed.

Should I remove my female cat’s ovaries before spaying her?

No. This is not necessary.

Do I need to wait until the female cat is over the age of 3 years to spay her?

No, this is not necessary

Should I spay my female cat at a young age?


Will I need to take my female cat to see a vet after the surgery?

No. You will call your vet to collect the cat.

Can I ask the vet to remove the female cat’s uterus?

No. The uterus is removed together with the ovaries.

What is the difference between a female cat spayed before and after the age of 3 years?

The difference is that a female cat spayed before the age of 3 years has the risk of developing an undesired pregnancy.

How many female cats have been spayed at the surgery?

We have spayed and castrated over 12,000 female cats.

How many female cats have been spayed on the surgery?

We have spayed and castrated more than 10,000 female cats.

What is the age of the female cats that have been spayed?

The majority of female cats that have been spayed are between the ages of 2 and 6 years old.

How long will it take to spay and castrate my female cat?

It can take up to an hour.

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