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What age should you get a cat spayed

A female cat should be spayed as early as possible. The surgery is performed on anesthetized cats, so the cat will be asleep.

What is the difference between male and female cats?

Male cats are called “boars”. They have tusks in the upper lip and they spray urine. Female cats are called “squaws”. They have breasts, and they spray urine.

What is the best place to spay my cat?

The safest place to spay your cat is in your own home. Anywhere else is dangerous.

Why is it dangerous to spay cats in a pet store?

It is dangerous for several reasons. First, the pet store is not sterile. You cannot be sure your cat will get the surgery in a clean environment.

Second, it is difficult to find a veterinarian that knows how to spay cats. It is very difficult to find a vet that does not believe there is any difference between boys and girls.

Third, you have to take your cat home and put him in a carrier. It is very difficult to find a pet store that will do that.

Fourth, it is very difficult to find a vet that will do the surgery.

What is the difference between neutering and spaying?

Neutering is removing the testicles. Spaying is removing both the ovaries and the uterus.

Why should I not spay my cat at a vet’s office?

Vets’ offices are not very clean. Your cat could get sick.

What if I do not want to spay my cat?

It is very difficult to find a vet that will spay cats. If you do not want to spay your cat, it is best to leave the decision to your vet.

How often should I spay my cat?

If you are going to have your cat spayed and you do not want to get pregnant again, you should get her spayed every 6 months.

Why do cats have nipples?

Cats have nipples for milk production. If you do not spay your cat, she will have kittens.

How do I know if my cat is pregnant?

If you pet your cat, she will probably have kittens.

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