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What are the benefits of spaying a cat

1. No more kittens!

2. No more roaming!

3. You won't have to worry about unwanted litter boxes and stinky houses!

4. It is not recommended to spay a cat before its first heat cycle.

5. They have fewer mammary tumors, infections, and feline leukemia.

6. They have a lower risk of uterine tumors, mammary fibrosarcoma, and ovarian cancer.

7. Fights against fleas and ticks!

8. Less aggressive behavior, more tolerable to other animals.

9. Less likely to hurt small children and toddlers.

10. Less likely to bite and scratch.

11. Less likely to get flea allergies or ear mites.

12. Fewer stray or lost cats.

13. Less aggression between male and female cats.

14. Less fighting between male cats.

15. More likely to be friendly with other animals.

16. Your cat will live a longer, healthier and happier life.

17. You will be less likely to have to put your cat to sleep.

18. Fewer flea and tick bites.

19. Less stress for your cat and you.

20. Less risk for cancer.

21. Less risk for heart disease.

22. Less risk for diabetes.

23. Fewer urinary tract infections.

24. Fewer cat bites.

25. Fewer eye problems - cataracts and glaucoma.

26. Fewer skin problems and allergies.

27. Fewer ear problems.

28. Fewer worms.

29. Fewer urinary tract problems.

30. Fewer uterine infections.

31. Fewer mammary tumors.

32. Fewer mammary fibrosarcomas.

33. Fewer ovarian tumors.

34. Fewer infections.

35. Fewer arthritis.

36. Fewer feline immunodeficiency virus infections.

37. Fewer feline leukemia infections.

38. Fewer feline leukemia virus infections.

39. Fewer flea and tick bites.

40. Fewer feline asthma.

41. Fewer feline upper respiratory infections.

42. Less risk of thyroid disease.

43. Less risk of kidney disease.

44. Less risk of liver disease.

45. Less risk of diabetes.

46. Less risk of skin cancer.

47. Less risk of neurological problems.

48. Less risk of urinary tract problems.

49. Less risk of cancer.

50. Less risk of heart disease.


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Neutering consists of removing the source of the hormones that control reproduction and determine secondary sexual characteristics. In dogs and cats, this is most commonly accomplished by castration or ovariectomy. While the primary purpose of neutering is to prevent reproduction, the procedure may have other physical and behavioural effects. Read more

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