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What an indoor cat misses

To begin with, a cat does not need much exercise. As such, she is more than happy to spend her whole day indoors, close to her owner.

On the other hand, a dog needs to be walked at least once. Even if your dog is a large dog and does not need much exercise, he still needs to go for a walk to get loose and get rid of pent-up energy.

What an indoor cat misses?

A dog's pack mentality means that he is always ready to go out. He is ready to go out just because it is the time of day when he has to go out. The dog is never happy unless he has to go out.

As such, the dog needs to be taken out at least a few times every day. It is important that he is taken out regularly, as this keeps him physically and mentally fit.

The answer is: nothing. The cat is not a social animal. She is not interested in playing with other animals and is not interested in playing with humans either.

The cat's sole purpose in life is to be a cat, so she does not need to spend her time with other animals.

An indoor cat misses nothing. In fact, she is short of something that she cannot get from being inside: the sunlight.

The fact that she does not get to see the sun for most of the day means that she is deprived of something that her ancestors were not.

The indoor cat misses nothing. She is free to do as she pleases and there is no one who can tell her what to do or how to behave.

She is free to have as many animals and pets as she wants. She can have as many cats as she wants to. If she wants to keep a single cat, she can do that.

The cat is an indoor animal and there are no limitations to her.

The problem is that cats are not social animals and they do not like to be with other cats. They do not like to be with other animals.

They do not like to be in groups and prefer to be alone.

So, the cat is deprived of something that is necessary for her to be happy.

The answer is that the indoor cat misses nothing. She is free to do as she pleases and there are no limitations to her.

She can have as many animals as she wants to. She can keep a single cat if she wants to.

The answer is: a dog. The cat is missing the social aspect of being a pet.

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