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What angle to cut cat nails

First, remove the nail with tweezers. (To do this, push the nail back into the quick and move your thumb toward the cat’s foot, to pry the claw out of the quick.)

Then, cut the nail at a 45-degree angle from the tip of the cat’s toe. If you cut the cat’s nail at a different angle, the cat may retract the toe and injure itself.

Note: If you do not remove the nail, your cat may lick the area and cause an infection.

What do I do if my cat has been declawed?

If you have declawed your cat, it may not be possible for you to set the nail. (The nail will be longer than normal and may be too large for the cat’s toe.)

You can try to trim the nail with a nail trimmer and file. Be sure to use a nail trimmer designed for cats, which will prevent injury to the cat.

You can also try to use a nail grinder, which will grind down the nail, but you will have to trim the end of it afterward.

If you have a cat that is declawed, it is important to make sure that the healthy nails are not allowed to grow too long. Also, be sure to trim the claws regularly so that they do not grow too long.

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