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What animal scares cats

“The sound of a dog barking,” answered the old lady. “Because the dog barks, cats think the dog is chasing them. And they run away.”

“Oh, no!” exclaimed the little boy. “That’s impossible!”

“Oh, yes,” said the old lady. “It’s true.”

The little boy said, “Somehow, I’ve got to get my cat to be a little more sensible.”

“How?” asked the old lady.

“Well, I’ll try to teach my cat to be a little more sensible,” said the little boy.

He hurried home, put on his coat and hat, and went out to play with his cat.

But when he got home and put on his coat, he saw that his cat’s tail had been cut off.

He was very angry, and shouted, “I’ll teach you to be a little more sensible!”

“And so you will,” said his cat. “And I’ll teach you to be a little more stupid.”

“I wish I had never seen you!” said the little boy. “Now, I’m going to run away and hide in the woods,” and he ran away into the woods.

The little boy ran all the way home, and when he got there, his cat was there, looking at him.

“Now we’ll see who’s a little more sensible!” said the cat.

And they both ran away into the woods.

The little boy ran as fast as he could, but his cat ran just as fast, and wherever the little boy went, his cat was right behind him.

They ran and ran, until they came to a little mud puddle.

“Oh, dear!” said the little boy. “How can I get out of this?”

“Well, there is one way,” said his cat. “If you will jump into this puddle, I’ll jump in, too.”

“Oh, no!” cried the little boy. “That’s very foolish!”

“Well, there is another way,” said his cat. “If you will hold your hand out in front of you, I’ll hold my hand out in front of me, and we can both jump into this puddle at the same time.

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