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What are cats most afraid of


Yeah, I know it’s a very empty question. Some people have an opinion about that. But I think cats are afraid of the vacuum cleaner.

What about your wife, what’s she afraid of?

Yeah. We have a couple of dogs, but they’re great. ‘Cause they’re happy to see us.

But they don’t care whether we’re there or not. They’re not home owners.

They’re just dogs. They’re like, “Let’s play.”

So it’s very difficult for them. I always say, “But you’re not home.” And they’re like, “Oh, yeah, I forgot.”

But I try to be at home when they’re here. Let them know that I’m there.

When you’re not home, they’re happy to see you. But they don’t know that.

And that’s very difficult.

So what are your cats afraid of?

Yeah, I know.

I think they’re afraid of the vacuum cleaner. I’m not sure. I’m sure they’re afraid of the vacuum cleaner.

Well, I’ll say this. They’re very scared of my wife.

So what about you?

No, I enjoy it.

And you’re great. You’re really great.

I mean, I’m not sure about this, but I’m not sure if I have a fear of cats, or if I just enjoy their company.

One of the things I like about cats, you know, I love dogs. But I love cats as well.

I had a cat when I was a kid. And I think they’re just great.

They’re great. They’re affectionate, they’re kind, they’re friendly. They’re great pets.

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